& Submission guidelines.

If after reading below, you have any questions, concerns
or need further information please contact MSPS.

Who Can Submit:

The Maine Student Photography Show is open to all high school students in Maine.  Please contact us if you are interested in participating.


Any digital or film based photographic work is accepted.  As the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines photography, it is “the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface (such as film or an optical sensor)”.   Collages and other digitally modified images are acceptable.  All submissions must be submitted digitally, unless specific approval is granted in advance.

Please note that this is a high school photo show. Photographs containing nudity, alcohol or firearms will not be accepted. The committee reserves the right to disqualify images at their discretion that are adult or violent in subject matter.

The show will be curated by jurors selected by the committee of the Maine Student Photography Show. Technical proficiency is important, but not the primary criteria of selection.  Submitted pieces will be picked based on their artistic value.

  • Photos must be submitted on the mainestudentphotographyshow.com
  • Entries will be accepted as of April 4, 2018
  • Submission period will end at midnight of May 4, 2018.
  • Each Student can enter up to six images

There will be a $5 entry fee for each image, payable at submission.  This event is meant to be inclusive.  Please speak to your art teacher if the entry fee is a financial burden.

  • Entries must be submitted using the FORM(Submissions are closed for 2018 contest) on this website. No mailed in art will be accepted, unless pre-approved by the committee.
  • All entries MUST be in JPG, JPEG or PNG format.
  • Resolution should be at least 240 dpi with the widest dimension equaling no less than 1800 pixels.
  • The following is REQUIRED when registering: First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, School, Year, Password(will be used to login to the site later).

We are actively working on the site to offer a portal where you will be able to login and update your information, such as adding a BIO. We will email you when this section of the site is ready to be used.


After you register you will be able to select any of the three categories for each photo as you upload it.


A photograph that is devoid of color, black and white or else monochrome. It does not have to be of any specific theme, and it can be a photograph from anywhere, not just Maine.


A photographic image that is in color. It does not have to be of any specific theme, and it can be a photograph from anywhere, not just Maine.

MSPS 2018 ANNUAL THEME: Visions of Maine

In this annually changing category, this year we are soliciting images (either black & white or color) that are representing your personal Visions of Maine.  Visions of Maine photos will evoke a strong statement of what Maine means to you. This category is meant to allow you to use your artistic creativity to its fullest. Impress us.

  1. The goal is to present your image in the most professional manner possible. It is at the student’s discretion whether to use a professional printing service or a high quality inkjet or laser printer. Please contact us at anytime if you need assistance in finding an affordable option.
  2. Photos will need to be matted and ready to hang. Please do not frame your photos.
  3. The Committee recommends photo sizes from 8×10 inches to a maximum of 13×19 inches.
  4. Photos can be available for sale, and any inquiries will be referred to the student for a private transaction.

All care will be taken with entries. However, the Maine Student Photography Show, the respective high schools and their staff, MECA and its staff, and the exhibition place and its staff, will not be responsible for any damage or loss, from whatever cause, while originals are in transit or in their custodies.


By submitting imagery to Maine Student Photography Show here by known as MSPS you guarantee you have retained all proper release forms for each submission. You also here by approve MSPS to display any and all images submitted on the MSPS website and in print media to promote MSPS. Release forms can be obtained at any number of online resources. Our resources page will soon have links to common items such as this. Please check back soon.